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“Know what you own, and know why you own it.” – Peter Lynch

Making money and investing smartly are two drastically different aspects of a financially secure life.

While you may have the internet knowledge of investments, hiring an acquisition adviser is
becoming an increasingly popular decision nowadays. In the simplest terms, an acquisition adviser is a professional who provides financial guidance to clients based on their needs and goals. Even as the investors are becoming more mature and aware of their own limitations, acquisition advisers are becoming an emerging trend in the real estate industry.

Investors need a strategy which is very much about making a smarter choice and taking the
guesswork out of where the best yield is. To quantify that as a result of the market emerging and morphing into a more astute platform, we see investors actively seeking advisers, planners,
brokers, accountants and, more so, acquisition advisers.

While the financial industry is swarming with professionals who give you advice on your
investments, an acquisition adviser plays a more holistic role. Their job is much more than just
digging up data and making documents. An acquisition adviser has to interpret data in a way that suits their particular clients. While acquisition advisers are a ‘trend’, the profession still falls in a niche segment, since it offers very particular advice on risks and benefits involving investments.

An acquisition adviser’s role is to come up with an investment plan that suits their clients based on their goals, current situation, capabilities and limitations. They focus on a holistic view of the client’s property portfolio with the explicit objective to reduce risks, to maximise investment returns and to really enable the investor to make smarter investment choices in a time-poor environment.

The internet has opened up a lot of avenues for novices to gain knowledge about their areas of
concern or interests. Which means that a lot of people like taking up tasks themselves that are
better suited for professionals. While the internet can provide you with the necessary information, it means that you spend a lot of time doing work that you should’ve hired an acquisition adviser for.

An acquisition adviser has the ability to not only work with the information on hand, but, also get hold of the ideal agents and other professionals to help you make an informed decision.
In the end, it should also be paramount to find an ideal acquisition adviser. No two financial
situations are similar. Hence, finding an adviser who works on finding the best way out or in, for you can make or break your financial journey.

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