In a recent survey covering almost 10,000 Australians, Canberra was rated as Australia’s most liveable city.

So, what’s changed?

Australia’s biggest cities are being hampered by their own success.

Melbourne and Sydney are facing overcrowding, increased living expenses, and increased crime rates. In fact, housing prices in Sydney have dropped by over 11% in just the past year, and still Sydney continues to score the lowest rating for housing affordability.

As a matter of fact, housing affordability was one of the top factors that led Australians to pick Canberra as Australia’s most liveable cities.


Here are the top 5 reasons Australians picked Canberra as the most liveable city:


1. Affordable Housing

Though Canberra has been steadily climbing the ranks of the most expensive cities in terms of home ownership with the median price of homes being $595,000, it is still more affordable than other tier 1 cities, and significantly less than Sydney’s median price of $888,117 and Melbourne’s $729,392.

This affordability has led a lot of young Australians to set their sights on the city.


2. Better Access to Education

Another reason young Australians choose to flock to the city of Canberra is its established education infrastructure.

Canberra is regarded as Australia’s education capital. A 2014 report found Canberra has the highest percentage of its population studying either full-time or part-time compared to any other city in the country. Perhaps this is why Canberra residents were the only residents in a capital city in Australia that valued high-quality educational opportunities in its top five most important liveability factors.

So, if you’re looking to buy or rent in Canberra, you’re in well-educated company, with over 50% of Canberra residents holding a Bachelor degree.


3. Plenty of Job Opportunities

With such a highly educated and skilled population it’s no surprise that many global companies choose to have offices in Canberra.

Canberra is also the home of start-up innovation in Australia. With a population of just over 400,000 people, Canberra creates a positive small business atmosphere that taps into the skills of its residents.

It’s not surprising then that Canberra residents have Australia’s highest average full-time salaries of $95,524.

It is for these reasons that Australians have rated Canberra as the place that develops careers and shapes individual business identities.


4. A Strong Sense of Safety and Community

Another rating that the city of Canberra ranked so high was ‘Safety’. Canberrans gave feeling safe a score of 7.2 which was the highest of all capital cities. ‘Feeling safe’ even ranked as the most important factor in making a city liveable according to the survey subjects with 67% of respondents selecting this criterion.

It’s no wonder that Canberra was voted the most livable city in Australia- after all, whether you’re living in an area or need to pass through it on your daily commute, feeling safe is one of the most basic necessities in a city.


5. Better Public Transport and Ease of Commuting

Canberra prides itself on being a ’30-minute city’, where reasonable traffic reduces the stress of the daily commute. And residents seem to agree, rating the city as one of Australia’s most convenient cities to move around in.

You can do as most locals do and just hop on a bike, making the most of Canberra’s extensive bike lane network. Alternatively, the city is also highly accessible via public transport, with a reliable network of buses that plough through the city’s four town centres. Even the first stage of Canberra’s light rail network looks ready to be delivered early this year, creating a transport network that will be ready to handle the growing transport needs of the city.
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