We are a team of acquisition advisors passionately working towards achieving the best real estate deals to grow your property portfolio. Our experts conduct extensive research, depending on your personal financial circumstances, goals and limitations. We then maximise the potential of your assets, to ultimately grow a significant portfolio in the future by merging data with ground-level intel.


Accelerate your property portfolio with our leading acquisition advisers!

Solid Research

Applying unique insights gained through rigorous and impartial research from various sources, to form a result-driven investment approach for you.

360° Management

Our stress-free investment strategy ranges from customising an investment plan for you to facilitating the purchase; giving you everything you need to manage your property going forward.


Take a step towards financial freedom with our stringent property selection criteria that ensure successful property investments.


PRPTY360 is led by Julian Fadini- an industry leader, property developer, research and acquisitions adviser with 20 years of experience in the property and finance sectors.


This three-stage approach to property evaluation, analyses each property at a Macro, Meso and Micro level.
Macro: Regional Analysis

This review is about the bigger picture. It assesses the property using the following parameters:

  • Private and Government Capital Expenditure within the Property Sector and its subsequent implication on property investment
  • Real Population Growth that affects demand for housing and a consideration to the supply of housing
  • Potential – Is there scope for future economic growth and activity
  • Market Conditions – What stage of the cycle is the market in and what are the current and forecasted sales activity
  • Risk – What is the current and predicted economic diversity and population size
Meso: Location Analysis

The market value of an area or locality increases or decreases on the basis of the infrastructure surrounding the location. We evaluate the following parameters:

  • Demographics
  • Affordability
  • Desirability
  • Vacancy rates
  • Historical growth rate
  • Sales activity
Micro: Property Analysis

On a micro level, in order for a property to be deemed investment worthy, it must check the following requirements.

  • Proximity to amenities – Schools, shops, transport, employment, infrastructure
  • Value – Valuations, market comparisons, opportunity to add value
  • Build –  Aesthetically pleasing design, modern and necessity oriented features and finishes
  • Cash flow – Its gross rental yield


At PRPTY360, we offer you complete services to start, grow and successfully maintain a profitable property investment portfolio from start to finish.
  • Understanding your financial goals
  • Developing an investment strategy
  • Conducting on-ground research & data analytics
  • Providing you with thorough, comprehensive and independent research to support our acquisition advice.
  • Facilitating the sale with vendors, developers & agents
  • Assisting with lending experts & the legal process
  • Tracking & monitoring the project during construction
  • Keeping you updated through the various stages of the project
  • Ensuring it meets deadlines & budgets
  • Organising building inspections
  • Setting up a depreciation schedule
  • Managing the project after the sale
  • Making sure you have everything you need to make the most of your investment
  • Feasibility studies for project viability.
  • Site acquisition advice and purchasing assistance.


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